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My Story

How did I ever become The Butter Tart Lady??

It is totally by accident I assure you, and not intentional or planned haha!

Seven years ago, I had to fundraise some money for my daughter and I to go on a mission trip. So my mom gave me her butter tart recipe, which I tweaked, and we started selling butter tarts. No big deal... so we thought!

Every year since around Christmas we’d bake butter tarts to sell at craft sales in the Interlake and every year “The Butter Tart“ grew in popularity. We started out making 5 dozen for a market, now it’s in the 100’s of dozens. To do all of this in only 7 years... I am still in shock. When I started out I had a different name for my butter tart business, but I found when I would go to the store people would stop me and say “Hey, aren’t you the butter tart lady?” It happened so many times I figured I better change my name, and that’s how I became The Butter Tart Lady.

Today, The Butter Tart Lady is a family-owned full-time business operating in the Interlake area with the help of my parents, friends, and employees. We sell at farmers markets and craft sales, as well as online sales and pick-ups in Sandy-Hook, Manitoba.

Whatever your occasion, we can bake it for you.